I am happy to share my story with you, the trials and challenges I have faced and the lessons that I learned along the way. This experience has given me an opportunity to apply the principles of healing and wellness firsthand. As a result, I can speak with authority about illness, healing and wellness.

I have had to deal with chronic pain and degenerative effects of rheumatoid arthritis for many years. The diagnosis was made in 1992. My initial reaction was typical; I went through the emotions of shame and blame and regret that makes people feel like victims. Why do I have to suffer like this? What could I take to make it all go away? Would I get a second chance? What am I going to do now? Will I be able to continue to work and how will I support my family?

Our culture teaches us to be afraid of illness, disease and aging. We are taught that aging is about degeneration, misery and despair, yet we are encouraged to live a long life. We are convinced to be afraid of cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer and stroke, especially if you are over fifty. These issues take precedence over joy, creativity and imagination, the essence of living that seems to be a privilege of youth, not adults or the elderly.

I was determined not to be a victim of this condition and I was going to look upon this experience as an opportunity to learn and grow.  How would I manage this condition as a Chiropractor?  What would I tell myself if I were my patient?

The medical treatment for my condition is steroids, pain medication and immunosuppressant drugs. My training in natural healing and Chiropractic taught me that there is no physiological or metabolic need for these substances and my body cannot derive the resources that it needs to refresh and renew from these chemicals.

In 1993, I met Dr. Dick Versendaal, a Chiropractor from Michigan who practiced CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) and taught Clinical Nutrition. He spoke about treating chronic and degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and lupus with nutritional supplements, diet, rest, exercise and moderate living. He taught me that disease and illness occur when the body is depleted of its nutrient reserves.

The objective of clinical nutrition is to replenish the nutrient reserves so that the body can repair and rejuvenate. Whole food concentrates, like those made by Standard Process, enabled me to accomplish this. Before meeting Dr. Versendaal, I did not have much respect for nutritionists, nor did I have much faith in vitamins and minerals.  Dr. Versendaal taught me that individuals have individual needs and you have to treat the patient, not the diagnosis.  In Western medicine a diagnosis describes a disease. In clinical nutrition it does not make sense to align a product to a diagnosis because we are not treating a disease; we are nurturing health.

This was a turning point in my career as a healer. In Chiropractic school, the science of Western Medicine is given greater importance than the art of healing because it is the standard of healthcare in this country. As a physician, you learn about diseases and how to treat them because disease kills people. As a healer you must learn to listen to the body and respond to its needs so that the body can repair and renew itself like it was designed to by nature.

The art of energy healing has been preserved in Asia and various Eastern countries. It is integration of energy on the physical, psychic and intuitive levels. It concerns itself with the restoration of balance and harmony rather than the progression of disease. In our culture, it is best described as Holistic Healing. Energy healing enables me to expand the consciousness of my patients, which shifts their perspective of life and living. Light brings hope and stimulates the imagination, which inspires vitality, recovery and healing.

I began studying Eastern healing and Chinese medicine in 1998. The perspective is different from Western medicine. Eastern healers look at the human body as a microcosm of nature and the greater universe. They explain health and life cycle in terms that are readily observed in nature. They see illness and disease as the logical result of imbalance, deficiency or excess. The remedies come from nature and are designed to restore harmony, balance and resonance. This was like learning a new language. This study transformed my approach as a doctor from force to grace. Western medicine is force; it forces the body to respond. Eastern medicine is about grace; allowing the body to respond as nature designed it to.

The experience of being sick led me in a new direction and has formed me into the healer that I am today. I have developed several strong beliefs that are the basis of my practice today.

  • I believe that we were not created to be sick. Illness and disease are the result of abuse and neglect and serve as motivators to change your lifestyle.
  • Our bodies were designed to express the nature of the spirit. The nature of the spirit is joyful and creative.
  • Our mind is created to record the experience of life and reflect upon its significance. When filled with fear, the mind limits expression and suppresses the spirit.

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