An Alternative to Heart Disease

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Heart disease is the number one cause of death and has occupied the number one spot for the past 50 years. That tells me that we are failing in a big way.

For the unfortunate, the first symptom of a heart attack is the heart attack. 50% of those heart attacks are fatal. For those people, they have chest pain, then they have the heart attack and they fail to revive. END.

For those who do not have an acute episode,  heart disease comes on slowly and usually begins in the mid- to late 40’s with high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is not a disease, it is a condition and the medical strategy is to prescribe medication and watch. Of course the medication only suppresses the symptoms and does nothing to address the cause of the illness.

If you have heart disease but were lucky enough to avoid a heart attack or stroke, you fall into the category of the chronic heart patient. Here are some of the highlights of the journey:

  • Age 45-50 – begin high blood pressure medicine
  • Age 60-65 – develop an arrhythmia. Have to go on blood thinners to prevent a stroke.
  • Age 80-85 – Valve failure. Surgery recommended. Placement of a pacemaker

This does not account for any other problems that you may encounter along the way like stenosis or blockage of a blood vessel. This usually requires the placement of a stent or bypass surgery.

If they are unable to correct the arrhythmia surgically they will place a defibrillator to prevent your heart from racing.

This is not a pretty picture. In the eyes of any physician, including a Cardiologist, this is unavoidable. They can slow the progression of these conditions but do not even entertain the idea of healing. They hold your hand and watch you fade away over the next 40 years.

The reason is that there is no medical cure for heart disease. The tools of the medical physician include drugs, surgery or radiation. Thats it. They are not trained in nutrition or energy work or rehabilitation. This is where the holistic healer comes in.

We were created healthy and vital and designed to stay that way. We were not created to suffer and become progressively weak and frail to the point of being an invalid. The fact remains that many people suffer with heart disease and it is simply because we are missing the early clues in a big way.

Shortness of breath is a major sign of heart disease. This symptom can manifest as snoring or sleep apnea. It is also the cause of fatigue and decreased stamina or endurance. Fatigue is a vague symptom so I am not going to refer to it much but you really have to notice if you get winded easily or you seem to run out of gas too quickly. Don’t be too quick to brush this off as being out of shape, although you are, but if your heart is the problem, exercise will make it worse.

Many men experience erectile dysfunction or decreased libido. This is a sign of heart disease. The little blue pill makes the condition worse and may set you up for a heart attack.

The medical routs is not an option unless you want to settle for life as a cardiac invalid.  So what is a person to do?

The first thing that you should do is get your heart checked by a holistic practitioner who knows how to listen to the heart and respond to its needs.

The heart will reveal the causes of stress. The Heart Sound Recorder is a wellness device that records rate, rhythm and amplitude of the heartbeat and displays it graphically. With this device we are able to see your heartbeat. From this, we are able to determine what kind of nutrition your heart needs to heal and stay healthy. We can also determine what lifestyle changes you need to make to stay healthy. If your liver was a problem for example, you would need to make dietary changes.

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An Alternative to Heart Disease

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