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We are hard wired for defense. Defense is THE survival mechanism and has served to get us out of harm’s way our entire life. There are two types of defense reflexes; flight or fight. Flight reflexes are evasive. Fight reflexes are confrontational or combative.

Defense is a cascade of physiological changes that are initiated in response to danger. For example, when you are startled, you feel muscles twitch and flinch. Your breath and heart rate increase, your face flushes and your stomach knots up. All of these defensive reactions are controlled by the Sympathetic Nervous System. Once the threat or danger has passed, these reflexes stop and balance is restored.

Defense becomes an issue when the mind and emotion gets involved in the event. The mind will replay the incident over and over again and attach emotions to make the event bigger and more significant.  When the mind gets stuck in defense, it results in tension patterns, stress and fatigue.

Let’s say you are involved in a near miss incident on the highway, someone cut you off and almost sent you into the guardrail. At the moment, you are startled, you notice white knuckles on the steering wheel, you are panting and sweating, your heart is racing and you are shaking. Fortunately, it was a near miss and after a few minutes you regain your composure and are able to make it home. Once you get into the house, you share the story with your spouse and notice that you are experiencing the exact same physical reactions again. The next day, you share the story again with a co-worker and you experience the incident yet again. Your body is being triggered by the same defense each time you retell the story. The body responds to this because the mind is triggering defense.

Another way to trigger defense is through imagined threats. Let’s say that you have a stressful job with a demanding boss that is continually changing plans and giving orders. You are totally frustrated and flabbergasted. To make matters worse, you are a new hire on 90 day probation period. This kind of pressure would trigger defense that does not go away. You may experience restless nights, loss of appetite and headaches. These are defense held in place by the mind that leads you to become ill.

The Sympathetic Nervous System does not evaluate danger; it merely reacts to it without thought or rationalization. Defense takes lots of energy and consumes lots of nutrient reserves. The primary illness of defense is fatigue, which leads to advanced aging and degeneration. High blood pressure, circulation problems, ulcers, digestive problems, insomnia depression and anxiety are the result of defense.

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