I have heard about energy healing but don’t understand how it works. Could you explain?

Energy healing is a natural method of balancing and regulating your body’s energy. An energy healer is trained to be sensitive to the flow of universal life force energy that travels in the meridians of your body and works to balance the body much like a guitar player tunes his instrument.


Is what you do Chinese or Japanese in origin? Could you explain the difference?

At the Center for Holistic Living, we employ Reiki healing which is of Japanese origin. We also practice Medical Qigong, which is of Chinese origin. Both disciplines address the movement of universal life force energy known as Ki by the Japanese, Chi by the Chinese, Mana by Hawaiians and Spirit by Westerners. The difference between Reiki and Medical Qigong is the point of reference that each discipline uses to establish a perspective. Both methods seek to balance and harmonize the body’s energy for optimal function.


I have heard of healers performing miracles. Is this what I can expect?

It would be exciting if I could make the lame walk, restore sight to the blind, or if I could abolish cancers with a pass of my hand. Although I have had the privilege of witnessing many miracles in the past 20 years, this is not my primary objective as a healer. The role of a healer is to restore balance and vitality to bodies that have been depleted by years of abuse, neglect and imbalance. Prevention of disease and illness is ideal. We work one on one with each of our patients to develop a wellness strategy that works for them.