Seminar Dates – TBD

Reiki for Rookies is an introductory level of energy healing practice taught by Reiki Practitioner and Master Healer Dr. Jon Ho. The system of healing is contemporized to include some of the familiar concepts of quantum healing and energy healing. It familiarizes the student with the energy field and how to manipulate it to cause change in health and wellbeing.  Reiki for Rookies does not employ the practice of attunements. Students are taught and encouraged to develop their own imagery to channel their energy. Upon completion of this course, a practitioner will be able to perform energy healing on himself and others.

Reiki is not designed to treat illness or disease but it may facilitate a healing environment. Reiki is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical care.

If you are interested in learning the fundamental practice of healing, you are invited to enroll in this course.  This is a 2-day, 9-hour course. A certificate will be awarded upon completion. Reiki for Rookies is a prerequisite to Symphony Healing, and energy healing system developed by Dr. Jon Ho.