December 2013

What sets us apart from the rest of the field is our belief in and application of holistic principles. Our goal is to provide the holistic experience, which is integration of mind, body and Spirit. This is my version of the holistic experience.

Principle #1 You do not have a Spirit, you are Spirit.  Spirit is energy and it is this energy that animates you and gives you life. How you choose to express that energy determines how you experience life and how life influences you. If you choose to limit your activities and experiences to a narrow band of existence, you will experience very little in life and influence very little as well. You may be bored and miserable with life whereas your friend may be experiencing adventures and escapades. The difference is how you choose to live your life.

Principle #2 You have a mind and the mind can be a wonderful thing or it can be a dangerous place. In the mind are stored all of the programs and habits that you accumulate through your life. All habits have survival value at some time; that is why you adopted them into your repertoire. Many of these habits prove to be inappropriate later in life because of changes in social values. Smoking is a perfect example of this. In te 1970’s smoking was fashionable. By the 1990’s it became taboo and prohibited in many public areas.

Principle #3 You have a body, you are not a body. Spirit controls mind and body. Body is not in charge. Body is servant. All too often I find that people have this idea backwards and upside down. They believe that they are controlled by their body and subject to it’s aches and pains and miseries. Your body is a vehicle through which you express Spirit and it interacts with the environment and other people. Spirit learns from these experiences and determines how best to express itself.

Principle #4 You have an energy field. Think of it as that bubble that surrounds you. Sort of like your own personal force field. This field is intuitive. Ever have someone try to sneak up on you and you feel him or her behind you? How does this happen? It is simply an energy field phenomenon. Some people are linked energetically. They think of their friend and the next thing you know, that friend is on the phone.

Principle #5 Stress affects the field. If you are sick or mentally burdened, preoccupied, worried or malnourished, your field may collapse or shrink on you. Restoring a wide, balanced field restores balance and gives you space.

The first objective of treatment is to get the patient out of defense so that the body can heal and recover. Once that is accomplished, we work to replenish the nutrient reserve and balance the posture and general mechanics of the body.

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Holistic Principles