My name is Amber Carreiro. I’m seventeen. My mom and dad and I all go to Dr. Ho for our health care. This is the story of how we found Dr. Ho.

Before Dr. Ho, I was going to my pediatrician and gynecologist. I remember on the average I was seeing them at least twice a month. The reason I was at the doctor’s office so much was because my period had stopped for about a year. Prior to that I got mononucleosis and also feeling very stressed and sad from my grandma being so ill in the hospital. We were very close. And she was dying from diabetes. At that same time, my grandpa had a heart attack. With all of these situations happening, I lost 10 to 15 pounds.

Both doctors (pediatrician and gynecologist) told me that my period had stopped because of my weight loss and that there was not enough fat in my body. NO matter how much I ate, I couldn’t gain enough weight to be considered “normal” by the doctor’s standards. It came to a point where I hated going to the doctors and felt “turned off” by any doctor.

Then one night, my auntie mentioned Dr. Ho to my mom. My mom asked me if I wanted to give this doctor a try. Of course I said no. Later we talked and came to an agreement. She said if I went to see Dr. Ho just once and if I didn’t like it, then I didn’t have to go back again. So we made an appointment. I have to admit I was already thinking negatively. I figured Dr. Ho would be the same as the rest.

Surprisingly, when I met Dr. Ho for the first time, he made me feel so comfortable. He didn’t “drill” me and tell me what was wrong with me. We talked. He made me laugh and I actually enjoyed the doctor’s visit.

After the second month of seeing Dr. Ho, I got my period back and felt so much better and felt less tired.

When I went back to my pediatrician and gynecologist, they were quite surprised (actually shocked) that I got my period back all on my own. They couldn’t tell me why except probably because I have gained more weight. The truth is I had only gained one or two pounds since my last visit.

I am so glad that I did decide to give Dr. Ho a try. I want to tell everyone who is just “thinking” of going to just go. I almost gave up on all doctors and thought something was wrong with me. Dr. Ho is special and he really helped me so much. He’s the best! Now my mom and dad both see Dr. Ho. I noticed my mom has so much more energy. She actually wakes up early now while she used to just sleep in late. My dad’s back problems hardly bother him as much as it used to. He was going to medical doctors for years (who couldn’t help him much except for prescribing pain pills) before going to Dr. Ho we started with Dr. Ho over a year ago and looking back I’m so glad we found him.