I’m a retired elementary school teacher. On January 12, 2001, I was diagnosed by my regular doctor to have both Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Conflicts Pain Syndrome. He described my condition as having “a double dosage of pain”. Within a week, I looked emaciated. I had no appetite and lost a lot of weight.

Besides having knots in my muscles, I experienced pain when touched even as gentle as someone tapping on her shoulder or the hairdresser brushing off strands of hair after a hair cut. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, difficulty in walking and feeling totally zapped of energy.

I was always uncomfortably cold, feeling chilled to the bones even with layers of clothing. My posture resembled that of a turtle in a vertical position with the head and neck curved forward because the pain in my neck made it impossible for me to stand up straight. I could not move my head up or down or side wards. My chest muscles hurt when I breathe deeply.

“Fribrofog” often made me so confused and I truly thought I was loosing my mind. It was too taxing to read or comprehend any written material, let alone trying to write anything. Things would fall out of my hand, as my grip has become so weak.

My doctor advised me to learn to live with my pain and to set one or two goals a day for myself. I had to time my daily activities such as cooking to when my pain medication is working. But even with the medication, my pain was still debilitating.

My daughter’s friend Amy Shiroma’s mother told me about Dr. Ho. I went right away to see him. After my first visit, and to my delight I was able to walk down the stairs! The pain however came back. I continued my treatments with Dr. Ho and by the fifth week, the pain diminished greatly and I was able to walk normally. No one was able to detect that I was still somewhat in pain.

Better news came! At the end of the second month, my pain was gone. Yes gone! Someone recently asked me to describe how I’m feeling pain-wise on the scale of 1 to 10, with the score of 10 being the most painful. I told her my level was 0.5, a less than a 1 score. I feel great! I remembered going for an evening walk and my neighbor Hatsune Hirano said, “What did you do? You looked so well!” I had to smile and tell her the story of my success.

Dr. Ho is truly a “godsend”. He treated me holistically. He addressed my liver, “nervous” stomach, blurry vision and as a result I’m pain-free, prescription drug-free and feeling full of energy.

Before Dr. Ho, my stomach couldn’t handle beef, pork and many other foods even popcorn! Now, I can eat practically anything!

My husband James, who was the greatest skeptic, was so impressed with my recovery that he also went to see Dr. Ho for a 20 year-old knee problem, which required arthroscopy surgery. James no longer has problems with his knees.

I now think of my disease as having a very bad nightmare, something in the past!