The Symphony Apprenticeship is a yearlong program. Apprentices spend one day per week with a mentor for a year. This apprenticeship is intended to teach th apprentice to think on his feet and to develop their intuition. Apprentices observe the healing sessions and interact with their mentor to develop their experience and familiarity.

The apprenticeships seek to expose its students to the business and management of a healing practice. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, a student should be able to open a healing practice and provide a valuable service to his or her chosen community.

Healing is not like medicine, it is a different paradigm. it is essential that the student be familiar with medical conditions and able to recognize when patient requires medical attention. A mentioned in Symphony II, Symphony is complimentary to medicine not competitive. We are consciously aware of the role that medicine plays in the treatment of illness and disease. We are complimentary in that we step in after the patient has been medically stabilized with the intent of restoring autonomy.

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