Symphony is an energy healing system developed by Dr. Jon Ho, a Chiropractor practicing in Honolulu, Hawaii. Symphony is taught in 2 sections, Symphony I and Symphony II.

Symphony I looks at defense. It examines the influence of defense has on our daily lives. Fear of falling is the only instinctive fear. All other fears are learned or programmed into our intellect. That means that practically all fears are subject ot behavioral modification.

Defense cause the energy field to constrict and collapse. When  person is in defense , he feels suppressed, compressed and uncomfortable. Defense causes global physiological reactions that can lead to illness and disease.

In Symphony I you will learn to identify defense and address this issue relative to the overall wellbeing of the patient. The objective is to learn to manipulate the field to create a large field.

Symphony II looks at how the body deals with illness and disease. A healthy body is autonomous and does not recognize disease. Loss of this autonomy can be the defining point of health. When the body can no longer normalize itself, it is ill or diseased. The body has the ability to change its function and physiology to adapt to changes that affect autonomy.

Healers have long held the belief theat the body has the potential to heal itself, yet illness and disease persist. Symphony II assumes that traditional Physiology is an incomplete science and seeks to discover alternate physiological pathways that result in healing and recovery.

Symphony II picks up where medicine leaves off. Modern medicine is crisis care. Once the patient has attained a stable and stationary state, the role of the medical doctor stops. The space between stable and stationary and healthy is obvious and to ignore this can only lead to another health crisis in the future .

Symphony is not designed to cure disease or to treat illness. Symphony simply addresses the needs of the body at the energetic level and seeks to restore autonomy. We know and understand that the body can heal itself if provided the proper foiundation of nutrition and energetic support. It is our objective to provide that foundation wso that we can witness the miracles of recovery as they occur.

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