Aging gracefully addresses the issues that face the elderly. The objective is to improve the quality of life and preserve dignity and vitality in the later years of life.

We are programmed to live in a certain way for the first 55 years of life. By age 6, we have learned to read and write. Many of us have completed our education by age 22. By age 25, we have learned to support ourselves and even begin a family. By age 55, we have raised our kids and paid off the majority of the debt that we have assumed to create the lifestyle that we enjoy. After age 55, the main focus is to prepare for retirement.

For most people, preparing for retirement means accumulating enough money to pay your expenses until you die. At one time, when the average life expectancy was 67-½,  this pattern was sufficient.  Science and modern medicine has increased life expectancy to age 82,but society has not defined or patterned life beyond age 55. As a result, retirees accept society’s idea that they are used up and past their prime. Their perspective is influenced by television news, which causes them to believe that all is wrong and bad in the world. They redirect their imagination from the game of life to the process of growing old. They become obsessed with their cholesterol and blood pressure.

And what is this process of growing old? It is the progressive decrease of physical and mental capacity. We learn how to be invisible and insignificant.

The truth is that there is no stage of life that is marked by insignificance, but if you buy into the idea of retirement as it is presently defined, you set yourself up for a life of misery and despair. Just look at the elderly that you presently know. Identify with this model and this will become your fate.

Here is how this process works; it starts with auto suggestion. You tell yourself and others that you are old, which brings forth images of old age to your consciousness. This may start off as an innocent joke that you laugh off without a second thought.

Repetition shifts perception. If you tellyourself a lie long enough, you begin to believe it. Eventually this story becomes your story.  You start to believe what you say and gather evidence to support your new beliefs.  Understand that your body is the servant of the mind. The images that you plant in your consciousness is manifested by your body. Before you realize what is going on, you notice that your body is not the youthful, vibrant body that it once was. What you imagine you attract, what you attract you manifest. This is the Law of Attraction.

The mind is incredibly accurate. It stores images in memory. If I asked you to think of your car, an image of your car will flash into your consciousness. Not only will the car appear, you will know the color and every detail right down to the little dent on the driver’s side door.

All through your life you have been acquiring and storing images of people, behaviors, mannerisms and behavior. Your behavior is not unique. It is a reasonable facsimile of the image that you have stored in your marvelous mind.

We have an image of someone that we consider as an “old person”. When we give our marvelous mind the command to be old, it reproduces the physical representation in your body.

The beauty of the Law of Attraction is that you can choose to change what you are attracting regardless of your age or present circumstance.  The liability of the Law of Attraction is that it is continually at work whether you realize it or not.

To age gracefully you have to take charge of your activities and the direction of your life. No one is going to tell you what to do. You are part of the over the hill gang, set aside and forgotten. The good thing about retirement is that you have accomplished all that you were obligated to and now you can do something that is the truest expression of you that you can create. It doesn’t have to be prudent or responsible. Rediscover the thing that you love.

This should be the Renaissance Period of your life. You have worked hard for many years, learned how to make a living, successfully and created a bit of security. Now is your chance to spread your wings, not lay down in the pasture.

How do you want to be remembered? Would you like to be remembered as the decrepit old  person sitting in the corner, drooling in a cup, incapacitated and  out of your mind with dementia or would you like to be the force to be reckoned with, admired and respected?

The truth is that you have one shot at  aging. I recommend that you do it gracefully and choose to be vital and active right up the last day.

It all starts with goals. You have to ask yourself, if it were impossible to lose, what do I want to accomplish in this lifetime? Everyone has a dream. After sitting on that dream for so many years, it may be hard at first to realize it or even to express it, but it is there.

It requires imagination, reason and intuition to bring your vision to reality. These God-given faculties do not fade with age, only disuse.

It never hurts to ask for help but be careful that you only listen to people that support your vision. Stay away from everyone that tries steal your dream.




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