What sets us apart from the rest of the field is our belief in and application of holistic principles. Our goal is to provide the holistic experience, which is integration of mind, body and Spirit. This is my version of the holistic experience.

The first objective with a patient is to establish a proper energy field. The energy field is our workspace and must be at least an arm’s length around the person. The energy field can collapse around a person because of dehydration, fatigue, stress (defense) or weakness (frailty).

Once we establish a stable energy field, the next objective is to locate the root cause of the problem. My experience has led me to conclude that there are 4 major causes, physical, nutritional, emotional or circumstantial.

Physical causes are obvious. Car accidents, slip and fall injuries and the like fall into this broad category. In these cases a straight line can be drawn from cause to effect. Believe it or not, this is not the usual case that I see. Many of the patients that come to my office have been through the system and no one has been able to figure out what is wrong with them.

Nutritional causes are less obvious and occur over a longer period of time. This patient may have several, seemingly unrelated problems. Depletion of the nutrient reserve is the number one cause of illness and disease.

Emotions are a double-edged sword. They can lift you through the roof or drive you straight into the ground. Emotions make things bigger. They make good better and bad worse. They cause fatigue and burn out. The problem with the emotional case is that they are reacting to the environment rather than expressing themselves. The objective with this type of case is to familiarize them with their energy and power.

Circumstantial causes are the broadest category and can include anything from work environment to diet and lifestyle issues. This is similar to the emotional case but has more to do with habits and behavioral patterns.

Once we determine the root cause of the problem we set out to provide support through energy healing, nutritional therapy and coaching.

The first objective of treatment is to get the patient out of defense so that the body can heal and recover. Once that is accomplished, we work to replenish the nutrient reserve and balance the posture and general mechanics of the body. This process takes 12-18 months and then the patient is ready to go onto maintenance.

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