Foundations of Healing

Over the past 200 years, man has turned his back on natural healing. Advancements in modern medicine and manufacturing technology have resulted in the belief that medical intervention, drugs, surgery, synthetic vitamins, synthetic food, synthetic fabrics and chemicals to protect ourselves from germs, viruses, and disease. We have been led to believe that our bodies are weak and vulnerable to nature. The world is a filthy and unsafe place.

There was a time when none of this existed. All that healers had was the things that kept them healthy and strong, and they shared this wisdom with travelers who needed to recover from their journey or warriors from their latest battle. In cases of illness or disease, or mortal injury, nurturing and empathy was the preferred over a magic cure.

Healing is an ancient practice dating back to the beginning of time. Healers believe in the natural ability of the body to repair and recover from sickness or injury. They believed that the body would recover if provided adequate rest, food and water.

Hippocrates (460-370 BC), established the rules for ethical healing, which included relieving suffering, good diet and rest. He discovered that willow tree bark contained salicin, and was effective at reducing inflammation and pain. Salicin (salicylic acid) is a key ingredient in aspirin. This departure from traditional healing is what made Hippocrates the father of modern medicine.

As man became more civilized, his interest went from survival to enhancement. The search for the Fountain of Youth began around the 5th Century BC, with legends of magical spas and springs that restored youth and vitality. The field of natural healing continues to be bothered stories and fables like this to this day.

Advancements in surgery and pharmaceuticals over the past 200 years has caused us to believe that modern medicine had all the answers and this fortified the belief that our body is weak and intervention was our only hope of survival and longevity. We ignored Nature long enough to forget her abundance.

Most of the people who seek the care of a healer today are failed medical cases. The treatment did not work or the side effects were worse than the problem. My job is to reintroduce them to Natural law and to be grateful for Nature’s abundance.

The fundamental principles of healing have not changed for more than 4000 years, because they work. There are no shortcuts, there is no way to outsmart or improve upon Mother nature.

Restorative healing is based on Natural law and the principles of healing.The objective of the Foundations of Healing Series is to explain the relevance of the natural laws and healing principles that have existed since the beginning of time.

All illness and disease are believed to be caused by an obstruction in the nervous system or a deficiency in the diet. Identifying those issues is my job as a Holistic Healer.

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