Gratitude and Expectation

Posted on March 10th, 2022

Today I am going to tell you a story about two people; Happy Jack and Sad Sam. Happy Jack, as the name implies, is an easy-going guy, highly optimistic and full of life. Life was good for Happy Jack, and he was grateful for all the life he experienced.  

        Life was not so good for Sad Sam. It seems everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Sam had bad luck, he was miserable, and more than happy to bend your ear about all of his troubles, and the dangers of the world.

       One day Happy Jack was involved in a car accident and decided to go to the Chiropractor for help. It just so happens that Sad Sam was at the same Chiropractor that day because he too was involved in a hit and run accident. Both men did just as they were instructed by the Chiropractor. Happy Jack got well quickly. He told everyone of his quick and miraculous recovery. 

       Things did not go so well for Sad Sam. Everything that the Chiropractor did gave Sam some relief, but it did not last very long. Sam figured that he might need surgery or that he would probably be crippled for the rest of his life. Sam studied every article that he could find on the internet about his injuries and knew that the chance of recovery was slim at best. He asked for a referral to another doctor to treat his depression and anxiety.

       After a few weeks, Happy Jack was back doing what Jack enjoyed the most, enjoying life and his family and friends. Sad Sam was still miserable. He knew that no one could help him, and this was just another miserable chapter of his miserable life.  

       Why do you suppose Happy Jack got well so quickly while Sad Sam saw no improvement? Same Chiropractor, same injuries, same treatment plan, everything was the same for both men. Well, it has to do with expectation and gratitude, and this is the secret of healing 

        The body responds miraculously well to a true positive expectation of recovery and healing. This is why some people get well regardless of the modality. Now I am not saying that a positive attitude is all that is needed to get well but it makes the job of the healer that much easier. 

        The other factor is gratitude. Gratitude is more than simply saying that you are grateful, it is the feeling of gratitude that make the difference. Sometimes we take what we have for granted until it is no longer there. This is the case with health and illness. You don’t know how good you have it until you become sick. Then you pray for a glimpse of hope in you despair. Well, no matter how sick and miserable you are there is some piece of you that is healthy, BE GRATEFUL FOR THAT. You are still alive. Be grateful for that. That is your starting point. 

       Fill your mind with thought of gratitude and reject all that is negative and melodramatic. 

       Find a hobby, something that inspires you and engages your mind. 

       Don’t waste your time watching the news, reality television or reading the newspaper. 

       Use your time wisely and by that, I mean constructively and creatively. 

       Find reasons to praise rather than criticize, condemn, or correct. 

       Most importantly, look at yourself and see the value and quality of yourself. 

       Gratitude and a positive expectation have to come from you . There is no magic pill , herb, or potion. It does not guarantee success or miracles, but it just makes it easier.  


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